Friday, January 23, 2015

Growing up, I was always the shortest one in my class. Each year when we had our class photos taken, we all knew that I was going to be in the veeery front. It was just a given. I've also been 4'10{and a half!} since like the 7th grade, so obviously I've had quite a few #shortgirlproblems in my day.{I make myself sound so ooold}

At least we can all relate to these....... except for you, tall people. Get outta here with your long legs and stuff.


//Nearly every pair of your jeans look like this. Your head says fashion choice, your legs say necessary.
//Going to a concert? Church? Class? Anywhere there's a chance of a back of a head coming and blocking your view? Good luck.

//No amount of makeup can keep people from thinking you're 15. It's just my height, I'm a professional adult I swear!
//Having to adjust your seat and mirrors after someone else drives. We shouldn't have to be punished like that.

//Top. Shelf. Can't. Reach.

//Every time you do laundry you legitimately have a fear of this picture coming true. If it hasn't already, that is.
// Want that really cute sundress? Too bad. It'll drown you.

//Sun visors are useless.

//The clothing shelves at work are taller than you so when you're standing by them your coworkers are all "where's Kaeleen" because they just can't see you. Oh. That one's just me.......

What #shortgirlproblems would you add to the list?

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