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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

PLL is back and my Tuesday nights are once again filled with unnecessary drama and general confusion. We've got a lot to cover and my thoughts are choppy so... here we go.

First of all, we know time moving slowly in Rosewood is a thing, but seriously? And why was Mona's funeral three months after she was killed? Were they waiting for conformation? But they still hadn't found the body when they had the funeral. Anyway, speaking of the funeral, we had an Ali slap before the opening credits even happened. Mrs. Vanderwaal was not having it.

More on Ali, I don't trust her. I have never trusted her. However, I don't think she killed Mona or that she's A at this point. She's done a lot of horrible things, yes, but being A or even killing Mona just seems too predictable. I know after the finale I was sure it was her, as did the liars. Now, I'm not so sure. I'm also not sure on who did kill Mona, which brings me to my next thought....

I've never really thought of Paige as sketchy. But her rushed leaving situation did seem a little off, especially considering the timing of things. Were her parents really making her move to California, or did she need an excuse to leave? I'm probably reading too much into things. Probably.

But Toby, a rookie cop who like, just got out of the academy, is now with the town department and gets assigned his girlfriend's case? Yeeeah. I'm all for Spencer being cleared of charges, though, so that's good.

Let's talk about Mike for a second. I wanted to cry. We never got to see too much of his and Mona's relationship, but he knew a side of her that nobody else did and then she was just gone. Ouch. And his and Aria's conversation about how people act when someone dies was so real. Another thing, did their parents disappear or..?

I'll leave you with this final sentiment: these -A messages are getting more and more elaborate. Next thing you know the liars are gonna be hearing them through their local radio station or something. A really likes to make a scene after someone talks about how "it's over." Oh girls, don't you know by now it's not over? You've got like, at least two more seasons left.

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