Previously on Pretty Little Liars... Over a Barrel

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Things I took away from last night's episode:

+ Not a lot happens when Ali's not around

+ The girls think Ali is doing all these A things from jail. Literally locked in a jail cell away from society but she can still make all these elaborate plans, apparently.

+ To be honest I kind of forgot about Ted oops

+ I love all the Spencer/ Caleb scenes happening. #brotp

+ I don't love Spencer and Toby fighting. Part of me is afraid there's a break up in the air and I won't be able to accept it if it happens.

+ And the "everything is Hanna's fault" Aria has returned.

+ I'm feeling a vibe from Emily and new waitress girl.

+ IS IT REALLY MONA IN THE BARREL???? Also why did Mona have to die

+ Who is this new kid and why is he so obsessed with eggs

+ Lately things have been lining up with the twin theory, but what if it's Hanna that has the twin? There's multiple reasons it could be possible, but mainly since that storage unit was RENTED IN HER NAME WHAT IS THAT???????

And now we wait for next week...... What did you love {or not love} about this week's episode?

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