Previously on Pretty Little Liars... The Bin of Sin

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A lot went down on PLL last night, including flirting, relationship drama, and a near death experience. But isn't that like every week in Rosewood?

+ My feelings about Detective Tanner haven't changed a bit. She's still too shady for me. Her words to Toby were what I've been thinking this whole time though: "You have been a cop for all of six minutes." 

+ So is Hanna's mom the only parent left? Did all the others get abducted by aliens or taken by A or something? Seriously. Meanwhile their daughters are just getting themselves into trouble every two seconds..... typical.

+ My Emily and Talia vibes were sooooo on point, thank you very much.


+ Haleb makes me happy. 

+ We still don't know what's in the bin and it's killing me. No pun intended. I feel like it's Mona, but I also feel like that's just what they want us to think. 

What are your thoughts on yesterday's episode?

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