Lilly for Target

Friday, January 9, 2015

A few days ago, Target announced a new collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer that's set to become available on April 19th. Most everyone, myself included, seemed to be more than excited for the collab. However, there were some less than thrilled people who took to social media to let their thoughts known. A lot of the complaints were along the lines of saying the brand would be tarnished and "cheapened" by being available at Target and that Lilly would be "rolling in her grave" at this business decision. I didn't know there were so many psychics on twitter.

I'm no business mogul, but in my opinion it's a really smart move. As much as I love to admire Lilly through store windows and pretty photos on tumblr, I've never actually been able to wear anything of hers. As for Target, I pretty much live there, {who doesn't?} and them making Lilly available to a wider market allows me and a lot of other people the option of getting her things that are actually in budget. The brand doesn't have to cheapen just because the cost does. The likes of Issac Mizrahi, Missoni, even Alexander McQueen have collaborated with Target and they are still highly respected and high quality brands.

So no, I don't think Lilly Pulitzer would be upset by this, considering the smart entrepreneur she was. And who can deny how absolutely fabulous this collection looks?

*Photos via A Bullseye View.

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