I hijacked Mom's blog.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hey everyone! Stevie here. I'm taking over the blog today. Technically Mom doesn't know so it's just between us, alright? Apparently my mom gets to talk to you about her life and stuff, and while that's totally cool, I wanna talk about mine sometimes, ya know? So if you've ever wondered what I do all day, this is for you.
First things first, waking up. I usually wake up whenever Mom does, but every now and then I wake up earlier because I know she just LOVES that. Almost as much as I love when she feeds me breakfast. I'm not even sure I breathe while I'm eating. What does the food even taste like? Beats me. I just know it's sosososo good. You know what else is good? Cheerios. Sometimes I'll get some from my grandpa and I love him for it.
Once my mom is off to work, that means it's time for me to play with all the toys and hang with grandpa and grandma. I usually take a nap or two while I'm at it because what is a life without naps? I'll also venture outside where there's lots of bugs and leaves to chase. Yeah, I chase leaves. Wanna say somethin'?
After a looooooooong time Mom gets back and I get so excited that sometimes I pee myself. I tend to do that a lot. After I calm down a bit, I'll grab a toy for Mom to throw because I loooooove my toys. Almost as much as I love food. When we aren't playing, I'll make myself comfy in my mom's bed while she does the same. I like to watch her blog, and also that Gilmore Girls show she watches a lot. 
When anyone is eating, even if I just ate my own food two minutes ago, I want the food they're eating. It all just looks SO GOOD and the fact that no one gives me any of it is torture. So I bark. They don't care. It's so messed up. 

I like to have at least one more nap before bed because being a dog is really stressful sometimes and I just need my beauty rest. And all the other naps tire me out, ya know?
Once it's time for bed I like to do this thing where my mom thinks I'm asleep in my bed so she'll get in hers, and then I jump in and snuggle with her, sometimes right on her pillow. Pillows are for sleeping. Who cares if all my hair gets on it? Okay, so maybe Mom does.

I'm sure there's more, but talking about sleep so much makes me want to take a good ole nap. So I guess that's it for the day... Oh, and thanks for letting my mom blabber on about stuff that I don't understand. You're pretty cool. See ya!

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