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Monday, January 19, 2015

Chelsea writes one of my favorite blogs and when I heard she had also written a book, I was immediately intrigued. A blogger just like me???? Who published a book just like I want to???? Hello, new inspiration. 

I'm not super great at summaries, unless it's summarizing the plot of Gilmore Girls, so here's what the back of the book tells ya:

"Avery is a seventeen year old girl whose reality has just been shattered by the death of her mother. Feeling a desperate need to flee from what has become her life, she follows a travel plan meant for her mom and her that leads her to the little beach town where her mom grew up. It's there that she meets a group of three adventurous friends who adopt her into their circle, allowing her to experience a summer she never thought would be possible after suffering such a great loss. 

Unfortunately, her summer full of experiences threatens to end abruptly when she realizes that one of the three has a secret that causes her to question everything about the new life she has been building. Avery must learn to balance her grief and her desire for a future in order to achieve her mother's final wish for her: that she would be happy to be alive." 

You know those books that make you feel all warm and fuzzy and you can't put down but you also don't want to end? That's what happened to me with this one. It was like I was reading a Sarah Dessen book, but also unique and sad and happy and really really good. 

I'd tell you more but then you wouldn't be able to find it all out on your own...

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