Little stupid things

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Don't let the little things break your happiness. You deserve more.

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2015 goals + vision board

Monday, December 29, 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, goals for the next year seem to be on everyone's mind. It seems like every year I write out all these visions and goals and I start out ready to go, and then the next thing I know it's December and I've barely moved. 

I'm doing it differently in 2015. Making a consistent and conscious effort in all aspects of my goals is the most important thing I can do this year.

Blog goals

1//  Give my facebook page some love. Out of all the social media platforms, my blog's facebook page is definitely the most neglected. Poor little 'book.

2//  Advertise sponsorship packages + sponsor more blogs. I feel like my sponsorship packages are just kinda hanging out there and I never do anything to advertise them. On the flip side, I'd like to sponsor more of my favorite blogs this year.

3//  Get more creative with taking my own photos. I'll often spend forever thinking of ways to take my own photos for a post, but sometimes I give up and end up on unsplash. {Like with the photo above....} Original photos are rad. I should use them more.

4// Be more present and active in wonderful communities like The Peony Project and #FireworkPeople. Communities are one of the best parts of blogging, and when you find good ones you shouldn't let them go. Kinda like people.

Life goals

1// Daily devotional. This year I have been reading through Demi Lovato's book Staying Strong and while it's not exactly a devotional, it's still allowed me to reflect and be present. I got the Jesus Calling devotional for Christmas, and I'm excited to start it.

2// Take more photos. I've said I need to start taking more pictures for the longest time, and then I never do. I now have an instant camera and I refuse to let that thing go to waste. Life is a work of art that's worth being documented. 

3// Finish that {almost} novel that I never talk about. Yeah. I have one of those. 

4// Fall in love with myself. Because it's about time.

2015 is the year..... I turn the big 2-1. 
2015 is the year..... I see my favorite girl on the planet again.
2015 is the year..... for new ventures. 
2015 is the year..... to live life beautifully.

Tell me your goals for the coming year!

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And to all a good night.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas! I hope your homes are full of laughter and your hearts are full of joy and Jesus.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014


See the possibility in everything.
Think loudly.
Dream even louder.
Do everything.

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My holy grail of lipsticks

Monday, December 22, 2014

I'm always on the hunt for good lipsticks. Rimmel is one of my favorite brands and Zoella has talked about Kate Moss 107 a lot. It's a darker berry color that's perfect for this time of year, so obviously I needed it.

I had been looking for it for awhile, but they always seemed to be out of it until I went to Target and there it was, staring me in the face. I'm pretty sure the Hallelujah chorus could've been playing because that's what it feels like everytime I put this lipstick on. Seriously.  

I don't know if I'll even need another lipstick for a really long time. I never thought I'd say that.

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The best songs of 2014

Thursday, December 18, 2014

If I'm being totally honest, 2014 wasn't a super great year in music. I think there were more songs I couldn't stand than ones I fell in love with. {For a complete list of the horrors, check out Helene's post}

Luckily, not all of it was bad. In fact, some of it was pretty dang good. So without further ado, here are my picks for the best songs of the year, listed in no particular order because I just can't make those kinds of musical decisions.
The Best Songs Of 2014

10// Ain't It Fun- Paramore
I went through a serious Paramore phase a few years ago, but I hadn't really been following them for a while. And then they came out with new music and all was well. Best lyric: "It's easy to ignore trouble when you're living in a bubble." Ain't that the truth.

9// Thinking Out Loud- Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran could sing items from a grocery list and I'd swoon. This was one of my favorites from his X album and I'm really glad it got released as a single. Best lyric: "I'm thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways, maybe it's all part of a plan." He's so good at the words thing.

8// Pretty Hurts- Beyonce
This has got to be one of Bey's most underrated songs. It didn't really get the attention that Drunk In Love or Surfboard did, and it should have. Best lyric: "Perfection is a disease of a nation." Because it really is.

7// Rather Be- Clean Bandit
I'd never heard of these people before, but this song has such a good beat to it and it's really feel-good. Best lyric: "Know with all of your heart you can't shake me."

6// Latch- Disclosure & Sam Smith
I love everything about this song. The electronic feel, the lyrics, Sam Smith's voice.... all of it. Best lyric: "I think we're close enough, I wanna lock in your love." 

5// Try- Colbie Caillat
This song is so beautifully done. Best lyric: "Don't you like you? Cause I like you." So important.

4// Stay With Me- Sam Smith
Stay With Me by Sam Smith on Grooveshark
I'm sayin' it again, his voice is everything. Such a powerful ballad that had me yelling the words for weeks. That still happens, actually. Best lyric: "You can lay with me so it doesn't hurt." Actually Sam, that line does hurt, thank you very much.

3// Fireproof- One Direction

The song is good. Like, really good. Best lyric: "Nobody saves me baby the way you do." Aw.

2// Yellow Flicker Beat- Lorde
Yellow Flicker Beat by Va - on Grooveshark
I could go on about Lorde for hours. She's incredible. Best lyric: "I'm a princess cut from marble, smoother than a storm."

1// Shake It Off,  Blank Space, and the entirety of 1989.
#1 didn't happen on purpose I promise.

Best lyric: "It's like I got this music in my mind sayin' it's gonna be alright."

Best lyric: "Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream."

I guess 2014 wasn't horrible for music. I'm ready to see what 2015 has for us...

What songs are on your best {or worst} list?

*Linking up with Helene today!

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All the things

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


You can do all the things you've ever wanted to do. Choose to be fearless with your life. You'll only regret the things you end up not doing. 

So do it all. All the things. 

You can make it beautiful. 

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas and traditions seem to go hand in hand. The best thing about them is that even the same things can be unique to each person. Here are some of my favorite family traditions that I plan to carry on....

Looking at lights on Christmas Eve. We've done this every year since I can remember, driving around with Christmas music on and looking at all the pretty lights.

Cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. I don't even know this one got started, but every year my mom makes them. So good!

Watching Friends on Christmas Eve. This one I started a few years ago with myself.... The One With The Routine was on tv on Christmas Eve and now I have to watch it. 


Does your family have any Christmas traditions? 

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All I want for Christmas

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas wishes

There's officially two weeks until Christmas and if you're like, totally stumped on what to get me, here's a guide straight from me. Ya know, for convenience and stuff.

1// Maybelline The Nudes Palette. Pretty shadows? Maybelline? Yes please.

2// Lily Collins' eyebrows. No explanation needed.

3// Incredible Things perfume. Because my girl. And because it does indeed smell incredible. 

4// Target. Gift cards are fine. But if you wanna just get me the whole store........

What's on your wishlist?


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Song of the week Wednesday

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Helene in Between Song of the Week Wednesday

At the end of every year DJ Earworm comes out with this mashup called United States of Pop, which showcases 25 of the biggest hits from the year.

I'm tootally diggin' the 2014 one. It all flows together so well and kind of tells a story of its own.

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That's Christmas to me

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas has been my favorite holiday ever since I was little. I'm somehow enamored with the whole thing, the lights, the music, the pretty things. There's so much more to it than that, however.

It's a time for new beginnings.
It's a time for giving.
It's a time for Jesus.
It's a time for love.

What does Christmas mean to you?


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Monday, December 8, 2014

Reading: I'd like to say Happy To Be Alive, Because by Chelsea Jacobs, but I haven't had time to really read lately! So really, I've just been reading other blogs... 

Doing: All the retail things and blog stuff. Also, making sure Stevie doesn't set the house on fire. I'm not sure how dogs could do that, but she would totally be the one to make it happen. 

Listening: 1989. Christmas music. Spotify. Repeat.

Thinking about: The fact that it's almost Christmas and I really can't wait. Also, I could really use some pizza. {As I write this at 12:15 am.} 

Watching: Gilmore Girls. What else? The PLL Christmas special comes on tomorrow, so I'll definitely be on that. I've also missed a few weeks of New Girl, so I'm trying to get caught up.

Loving: My new blog planner from Heart & Arrow Design. It's so pretty!

So, what are you up to?

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Christmas cheer playlist

Thursday, December 4, 2014

I've compiled a playlist of some of my favorite Christmas songs of new and old for you. So cozy up by the fire with a mug of hot cocoa in hand and jam away.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Helene in Between Song of the Week Wednesday

This week's song is Speeding by LIGHTS. I first discovered her on spotify and I've been obsessed ever since! 

Speeding by LIGHTS on Grooveshark

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Currently craving: Lauren Conrad edition

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Currenly craving.. LC

I love all things Lauren Conrad, and at times I wish I could just buy every item in every one of her collections ever. A girl can dream, right? These pieces are what I'll be running towards on my next {non-work} trip to Kohl's!

What are your favorite LC pieces?

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November favorites

Monday, December 1, 2014

I didn't have the time to film a favorites video for November, but I thought I'd still share some products with you. So here's what I was loving in this last month....

1// Maybelline Color Sensational in 425 Plum Paradise: I actually found this color while looking for a Rimmel one that I had no luck finding. I was desperate for a good dark color and this one is perfect. 

2// Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream: My mom let me borrow her cream because my hands have been super dry lately and I've found that this stuff is amazing. It's helped tremendously with my hands. I think I'm going to have to buy a bottle for myself!

3//  Home Accents Monogrammed Wristlet: This was given to me as a bridesmaid gift from my cousin. I absolutely love it! It can be used as a wristlet, a cosmetics bag, anything really. And I'm a sucker for anything monogrammed. 

4// Puffs Softpack: Basically my best friend right now because allergies. Ew.

What are your November favorites?
Also, happy December! Let the gingerbread everything and Christmas countdowns begin. 

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