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Thursday, November 27, 2014


We all seem to be sharing what we're thankful for, so here's some cool things that make me smile.

+ I'm thankful for leggings. They're only the most comfy pants ever and once you wear them as pants there's just no going back. Is the sorry not sorry hashtag still alive? #sorrynotsorry

+ I'm thankful for those pretty little liars keeping my Tuesdays interesting and highly confusing. When they're in season, anyway. When's that winter premiere again??

+ I'm thankful for that Starbucks life. Actually, that any-kinda-coffee-that-isn't-decaf life. Because of it, I can function like an actual person.

+ I'm thankful for all the Stevie pup kisses. Even the really wet ones.

+ I'm thankful for Taylor Swift. Because who even am I if I don't throw that one in?

+ I'm thankful for yummy candles and Christmas music.

+ I'm thankful for those Gilmore girls, who have given me much knowledge on sarcasm and pop culture over the years. Really. 

+ I'm thankful for pizza. Always there for me, always supportive.

+ I'm thankful for cheesy Lifetime movies that are sometimes good but I still can't quite take seriously. You keep doin' you, though.

+ And I'm thankful for you. Thanks for commenting and reading and generally being rad people.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all. If you need me, I'll be here, eating all the things and yelling at the Cowboys to do the thing. #eaglessuck

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