Monday Musings

Monday, November 10, 2014

Don't you think Mondays are the perfect time for a brain dump? Just me? Okay. Here's one anyway... hope ya don't mind. 

+ Working retail is kinda crazy but kinda fun.

+ I finally read that Zoella article everyone's been talking about. It's gross. I got mad. Don't read it.

+ On that note, why do we as women still insist on tearing each other down? I can't comprehend it. Ugh. A blog post for another day.....

+ I'm seeing Taylor again next year!!?? I'm guess you could say I'm pretty happy about it. I am not, however, pretty happy about how far away it is until then.

+ Pretty dang excited for the holidays. 

+ London did the Cowboys good.

+ The shows on my dvr are just piling up and piling up because I'm too busy watching the shows I've seen a thousand times. So twisted. 

+ Ya know that whole taking chances thing I talked about once? Yeah, still working on that.... baby steps. 

+ Yeah. #demfeels

What are your musings today?

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