Four ways to boost your dressing room confidence

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

You know how the story goes. You've been shopping for hours and have found the perfect pieces that you just know will look amazing, and all that's left to do is try it all on. You walk into the dressing room and begin the process. After a few try-ons it becomes increasingly clear that absolutely nothing looks good, and so you're left feeling unsuccessful and defeated. 

Yeah. I hate it too. It can take the fun out of shopping, and for me, that is just not acceptable. Luckily, there are things that you can do to help out your confidence in the dressing room.

1// Bring a friend. Somehow everything is better with a friend, shopping included. Bring someone who's opinion you can trust and who will reassure you when you're second guessing yourself. 

2// Eat something light beforehand. Obviously, if you were to eat say, a full-course steak meal, you would feel bloated and clothes will end up looking less than fabulous. You should definitely eat so that you're not shopping on an empty, grumpy stomach, but save the heavy stuff for an after-shopping treat.

3// Look at things from another perspective. We are often our worst critics. Add in full length mirrors that aren't always the most flattering and everything is distorted. Try picturing yourself as another person and look at yourself and your outfit from their perspective. Chances are things won't look so harsh anymore.

4// Breathe. An outfit doesn't define you. Clothing sizes don't define you either. If certain things don't work for you, that's okay. Instead of focusing on the things that don't work, think of what your favorite pieces have in common. Play those up. And work it.

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