Introducing Stevie Mae

Monday, September 29, 2014

If you follow me on instagram, I'm sure you've seen the creature that's taken over a lot of my photos recently. Despite the ears, it is indeed not a deer.

My sweet childhood dog passed away last year, and I had been wanting to adopt one of my own for awhile. Since I'm living at home right now, I wanted to make sure my parents and I all had a connection with whatever dog I ended up adopting. When I walked up to this one's kennel, I knew something was different. We took her out and played with her for a bit, and she sat in my lap and gave me kisses. And that was it.

She is named after Stevie Nicks, and her middle name comes from my childhood dog, whose name was Daisy, and we called her Daisy Mae sometimes. The shelter said she's a Chihuahua mix, and the vet confirmed my suspicions of having some Jack Russell in her, which explains her hunting tendencies. She will go after any bug that is outside when she is, although grasshoppers are the bug of choice. Bless their hearts.

The vet told us she's around eight months old and she definitely has that puppy spunk. She's quite hyper at times, but she's also pretty content spending lazy time with me and my shows. Being stubborn is a specialty of hers, however. They do say dogs can be like their human.... 
She enjoys giving kisses and trying to convince us that yes, she does need whatever people food is being eaten. She also enjoys napping a lot, because being a dog can be exhausting.

She fit right in pretty much immediately and I'm so glad. She's a character, this one.

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