The TARDIS took us back in time

Thursday, August 7, 2014

What better way to celebrate Throwback Thursday than to go back to a simpler time when the WB still existed and we were all in love with Jesse McCartney? Let's play a little game that I know you know. I know you played. And I know you loved. 

That's right, y'all. We're gonna play us some MASH. In case you forgot how to play.... 

Pick five categories and five options under each category. My rule is that you have to pick at least one "bad option" for each, ya know, to keep things interesting. Once you're done with that, draw a spiral til you're over it and count the spaces between the loops. That number is your number. Count through the options and cross off each one that lands on your number. Keep going til there's only one option left for each category and BOOM. Your future has just been told.

Here's what I decided on.

+ Justin Timberlake- My feelings for him will never waver.
+ Chris Pratt- The latest man I've fallen in celebrity love with.
+ Gary Busey- I was trying to think of a "less than desirable" option and for some reason he was what came to mind. So there ya go.
+ Jensen Ackles- Because he's Jensen Ackles.
+ Jimmy Fallon- He's adorable, okay?
*I now realize every single one of these men are married. {aside from ole Gary} I'm really not a homewrecker, promise.

+ Bentley- So I can say in my best Kim K. voice "You are just so jealous that you can't get a Bentley!"
+ Minivan- They're cool. Just not for me.
+ '67 Impala- Supernatural fans will understand.
+ Jeep- Because my Pearl is a Jeep, and she's a good lil trouper
+ Range Rover- Have you ever seen a Range Rover? Kinda rad

+ E! anchor- Because my other dream job {besides the writing thing} is having Giuliana Rancic's job.  
+ Accountant- Forever laughing at the idea of me being an accountant. Numbers? Math? Shudder.
+ Fashion buyer- Getting paid to travel and shop? Yes please.
+ Academy award-winning actress- Because who doesn't wanna be like Meryl Streep
+ Yoga instructor- Because yoga


+ Pug- They are majestic creatures.
+ Tarantula- Who would want a huge furry spider as a pet? I do not get the appeal.
+ Chihuahua- More majestic things happening
+ Bunny- Rabbits are presh.
+ Ferret- They're so cute with their little ferret faces

Now, for the results. Drumroll please.......

Apartment living, baby.

I'm married to Justin Timberlake. There is much rejoicing throughout the land.

I'm cruisin' along in a minivan. Uhmmm.....

Apparently my horrible math skills and general disdain for finance did not stop me from becoming an accountant. I wonder how it happened. 

 Five kids. Wow. Guess it is a good thing I've got the minivan.

At least I have a pug to keep me sane. And Justin.

What does your MASH life look like?

Also, thank you Sarah and Ashley for this idea. So fun!


  1. Oh my Mash.. I used to love that game when i was a kid, ages ago.

    1. me too! my friends and I would play it all the time lol

  2. Oh mash...I so remember this game from my school days. Sadly that was a while ago but it's fun to remember it! Lol! I did this a month or so was funny doing it again.


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