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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Okay. So. The mid-season finale happened last night and all I can say is wow. Just wow. I wasn't ready. {Spoilers ahead y'all}

My anxiety was like, legitimately on another level about this episode. It was being built up so much and I knew that someone was going to die and even though I had my theories, I was still really nervous. {If you haven't figured this out yet, I get really into my shows} Let's start from the beginning shall we?

I knew that something wasn't right when Spencer wasn't with the others in the opening sequence. I didn't know where she was and for a second I thought, What if she's the one? Also, whoever was murdered died on Thanksgiving. What a bummer.

So thirty six hours earlier, the girls decided to ask Mona for help, because quote, "She's Mona" {Perfectly acceptable reason} and she's been on the inside. I was actually surprised at how genuine Mona was being when she said she wanted to help them, but then again Mona is always a surprise for me. You never quite know what she's up to, which is why I wasn't sure about her MO when she was talking to Lucas. Turns out, they were just trying to break into the police department's files to get the video of Ali's lie detector test.

I agree with Mona on Alison being A. Ali's little smirk when Emily told her "I don't want things to be like this" just confirms the ulterior motives. And then she got super defensive with Emily when she found out the girls' theory. I smell A......

Mona was able to get the police files and the girls found out that the police were looking at Spencer as the killer of Bethany Young. Of course. I could've told you that was going to happen. She obviously didn't do it, but the Rosewood police are clueless, which is why I totally called them arresting her. The look on Toby's face when they put her in handcuffs... heartbreaking.

Toby. Toby. Toby. I had another is this who dies moment when he got into the car wreck. But, thank goodness he was okay, only suffering a broken leg. At least it wasn't him that was broken.

Throughout the episode, there were tiny clues that started leading me to believe that Mona was going to be the one who died. Finally meeting her mom, a heart to heart with Hanna... just little things added up. Here's the thing. At first I was sure it was Ali that broke into Mona's house and did the dirty work, but now I'm not totally sure. Why didn't they show the girl's face? And the blonde hair could've been a wig. 

Alison's face when everyone was outside Mona's house was pretty incriminating, though. She didn't look the least bit upset. She just looked ever so smug. Is she just incapable of feeling, or is she the guilty one? I think she's guilty in either situation. I think she's been orchestrating the entire thing the entire time. Whether she hired someone to get rid of Mona or did it herself, I believe she's responsible. I've been wrong before, however...

Let's take a moment for Mona. She was the character we loved to hate. She's been there since the very beginning. We'll miss your crazy antics and fabulous outfits. 

Now all I have to say is, winter premiere, come soon please.

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