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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


So okay. This week's PLL was a bit of a doozy. Best episode of the season? Not so sure. But there were plenty of omg-what-is-happening moments. Like... maybe even more than usual. {Spoilers ahead.}

First off, after much drawn out drama, we finally learn Melissa's secret. She saw Spencer the night Ali disappeared. She saw Bethany Young on the ground. She thought Spencer killed her. So she buried the body, but Bethany was still alive. This kind of explains Melissa's behavior over the past few years. She was hiding a huge secret, and she was only trying to protect Spencer. {Or so she says. I'm still not sure I fully trust her.}

This brings up another thought. The girls acknowledged that Alison and Bethany had to have matching yellow shirts. Why though? Was it all planned? I sill say twin theory. Also, I still don't understand this thing about Cyrus. {What kinda first name is that anyway}

Hanna is rightfully worried about Caleb, and he finally reveals that Ravenswood is what has been haunting him. I feel like that's alluding to something, but maybe it's just me. 

Am I the only one who actually felt a little bad for Mona? Either she's a better actress than we thought, or she was actually being genuine with Aria. And she seems so genuinely scared of Alison. 

Aaaand speaking of Alison, it seems that the girls are in agreement that Ali has at least some connection to A. Emily even called her "A" accidentally. It certainly seems possible. After all, she's been sketchy as ever since she came back and still drags the girls down with her. Who's to say this isn't some big warped thing she's got going on?

The preview for the midseason finale though. Oh. My. Gosh.

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