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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I was tagged by my friend Grace to do this. Some of these are more "little known" facts. Is the suspense just killing you yet? Here we go....

1// I own too many tubes of lipstick for my own good

2// When I eat chex mix, I eat around the pretzels and save them all for last

3// I absolutely love the city of Philadelphia, absolutely hate the football team

4// Sarah Dessen is the reason I'm still writing

5// My music taste is so eclectic it's crazy                                                                                                   

6// I'm obsessed with true life crime + medical shows

7// I got into Harry Potter about ten years later than the rest of my generation. But I love it all the same

8// I love the atmosphere of baseball games 

9// I adore Zoella and Grace Helbig and they make me wanna put more videos on youtube, but I'm not cool or interesting so

10// I've started quite a few blogs in the past that I've given up on, but this one has become my baby and now I couldn't see myself not blogging

11// I did ballet as a tiny one

12// I also did soccer. That's when I realized that sports are soooo not my thing

13// I do love watching sports, though

14// Cozy bookstores + coffee shops + record shops are so inspiring to me

15// I've never flown by myself

16// I'm kind of fascinated by the 1940's and pretty much all vintage things

17//  My most prized possessions are my record player + my lil record collection

18// I love traveling and have really strong wanderlust

19// My anxiety holds me back from a lot of things and I wish to change that

20// I share a birthday with Ariana Grande and my uncle

21// I hate ranch dressing

22// I always cry at the last episode of Friends {judge me}

23// I'm one of those "smell the book it smells so good" people

24// In middle school, I decided to get a perm. There is photographic evidence of this, but I will never ever put it on the internet. Some people, like my mom, can tooootally pull off perms. Let's just say... I am not one of those people

25// I've never been on a date {Not meant as a complaint, it's just the facts, people}

26// Disney World is one of my very favorite places

27// I laugh when I'm uncomfortable. Probably a weird defense mechanism

28//  My mom got my name from a Hooked on Phonics commercial

29// I could live on pizza and mac & cheese

30// If I could, I would adopt all of the dogs

Well, 30 facts should be enough, don't ya think? Hope you weren't too bored :)

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  1. LOL hooked on phonics but people struggle to say your name. I love it kk.


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