Jump then fall

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Jump then fall. That short little sentence seems so easy to do when Taylor Swift sings it, but in reality it's not so simple. I cannot count the number of times that I should have jumped, but chose not to because fear was holding me back. That's not the kind of life anyone should live.

If you know me behind this little blog, then you probably know that I have anxiety. If you didn't know that, now you do. For me, taking the easy way has seemed like the only option for many years. I remember going to sleepovers as a kid, only to end up calling my mom in the middle of the night to come and get me simply because I was out of my comfort zone. Looking back I wonder how much I missed out on by not riding out the night with my friends. I think that was the beginning of my "play it safe" attitude. If I stick close to what I know, play it safe, then I can't get hurt or fail, right?

I feel like that way of thinking has stopped me from doing a lot of things over the years. There have been many times when I've had opportunities to do really fun things and even though part of me wanted to do them, I ended up saying no and staying with the "safe" route. Why would I want to go out and do things and talk to people when I could be at home? I would rather snuggle under my covers with some sweet tea and Gilmore Girls. Part of that's the anxiety, and part of it's just my personality. I've always been a homebody and an introvert, and that's okay. What's not okay is always hiding under the covers, away from the world. Life will pass you by without you even realizing it.


My sister told me not too long ago, "The things that scare you are the things you should do." That, of course, comes with a limit. If you're scared of the things you want to do because they're say, not legal, then you probably shouldn't do them. I'm talking about the good kind of scary, if there is such a thing. Your dreams, the things you've thought about for so long but tucked away into a little box in the back of your mind because even thinking about those things terrifies you. For me, it's on a smaller scale as well, something as simple as gathering up the courage to go into a new social situation. How will you ever meet new people if you don't talk to them? 

I think part of recovering, from anything really, is saying yes to things that scare you. Getting out of your comfort zone is not very fun to think about, but I think it's the only way sometimes. Take baby steps to your goals, whether it's talking to a cute boy or going somewhere you haven't been before. Jump and fall into new adventures. Push yourself. {healthily}
Making memories is a wonderful part of life and you should never let anxiety or other things that you deal with keep you from living beautifully. 

I think that Zoella says it best:


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