Don't you like you? 'Cause I like you.

Monday, July 28, 2014


I feel like in this society, everybody tries so hard. I'll be the first to admit that I do. But really, when you think about it, what's the point?

Who are you trying for? It's rarely for our own selves. It took me a long time to realize the belief that you have to fit into a certain mold or do certain things to be beautiful is a straight up lie. However, it's a lie that's easy to get caught up in and hard to get out of.

But here's the truth: Being who you really are is the most beautiful thing you can be. You don't have to try so hard, love. The people that truly matter are the ones that look at you like you're so special, because you are.  

Try by Colbie Caillat on Grooveshark

Why should you care what they think of you?
When you're all alone, by yourself, do you like you?

I hope you do.

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