Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Happy July! I can't believe the heat of the summer is already here. I wish I could say I've been going and conquering, but really I'm just here, doing my thing. There's so much I long to do though, and I've been thinking lately:

Why not do them?

I believe that having dreams and desires keeps you sane. They can also keep you insane, but the good kind. If you don't have dreams, what do you have? I also believe there's a reason we have certain desires. God wants us to live them out. I shared something on my tumblr yesterday that I've been feeling:

"I crave adventure and coffee shop dates and laughter and long summer nights and cool autumn days. I crave lazy Sunday afternoons in the sun and reading good books and loving a person so deeply your heart aches in the best way. I crave life."

Don't lose your dreams. Find beauty in the simplest of things and do what you crave the most. You have the ability to make your life beautiful. Well, even more beautiful than it is already.

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