High Five For Friday

Friday, April 4, 2014

Hello peaches! It's finally Friday. You could say I'm a little happy about it.

What's been going on this week? Here's a glimpse......

1// Looks like spring in Texas is finally here to stay! All this week I got to actually turn on the a/c instead of the heat in the Jeep. So obviously, it's getting serious.

2// It's also officially baseball season! Yes. I missed the Rangers opening day because I was working and they lost anyway. Boo. But they made up for it with those walk-offs they've been throwin down. 

3// Record stores are always a gem.

4// I feel it's only appropriate to voice my weekly appreciation of my record player, coffee, and Gilmore Girls. So there it is.

5// A little late night blogging + journal writing is always good for the soul. 

Have a lovely weekend! 

And as always, I'm linking up with the fabulous Lauren Elizabeth.

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