High Five For Friday: Pinterest edition

Friday, April 11, 2014

Is it just me or have most of my H54Fs lately been pinterest editions?

I've decided I should allow myself one more week of pins though, since I am in the midst of recovering from a traumatic wisdom teeth removal and all. (Okay, so it wasn't actually traumatic. I'm just dramatic.)

The lil devotional up on my screen is P.S. He Loves You by the lovely Erin James. You should read it :)

This has been my view, and I'm actually not complaining. Recovery time means lotsa time to write + have some "me" time. It also, of course, means spending shameless time on pinterest

So.... here's some lovely pins I've been admiring.

1// This makes me crave summertime so bad. I cannot wait to be able to break out all my sundresses.


2// Speaking of summertime, doesn't this Italian beach make you wanna run there and never look back?


3// My love for this hair has yet to dwindle. At this point, I just can't see myself going back to long.


4// Words really are a thing of beauty.


5// The epitome of class and poise.


Have a wonderful weekend, loves!

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