32 things that make me happy

Monday, April 7, 2014

Venus Trapped in Mars

I fee like we sometimes focus way too much on the negative things that go on instead of focusing on the good + happy. And then I found this sweet new link up that does just that. Focuses on the good. Because it's the simple things that matter most and that can inspire you more than anything.

So, here's my list of 32 things that help get me through, in no particular order.

1// Country music

2// Watching old mystery shows with my mama

3// Coffee coffee coffee

4// Football + baseball season

5// Miss Taylor Swift

6// The sound of a record crackling

7// Gilmore Girls + FRIENDS

8// Pretty much any smell from Bath & Body Works

9// When my favorite stores have sales

10// Writing

11// Me + Jesus time

12// Sweet summertime

13// Lipstick

14// The feeling of getting into a really good book

15// Pretty nail polish

16// Yoga

17// Driving around in my Jeep soaking in the sunshine

18// Puppies. All the puppies.

19// Getting compliments on an outfit

20// A good eyebrow day (Am I right ladies?)

21// Justin Timberlake

22// Getting that pinterest inspired craft just right.

23// Snuggling into fresh clean sheets

24// Laughing with family

25// Antique stores

26// The lovely little device they call a Keurig

27// Watching Dick Van Dyke, one of my favorite old sitcoms.

28// Aimlessly wandering through Target, trying my hardest to not buy everything I see

29// Hearing little kids say my name (It's just the sweetest)

30// Finding childhood shows + movies on TV

31// Watching sports with my dad

32// Concerts

Be happy.

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