Monday, January 6, 2014

Hello dolls! I hope you are having a wonderful day.

So far, I really love Demi Lovato's book. Every morning I've been spending time reading and journaling. So good for the soul.

Saturday's words really made me start thinking. Her quote for the day was by her, and she said:
"Life can be so difficult at times, but fighting through the pain is so worth it. It's better to feel every kind of emotion than not feel at all."

Let's face it. A lot of the emotions that we have to deal with in life are not super fun. So many times we find it easier to numb the feelings, or just push them away and pretend they're not there. That's not healthy though. I'll be the first to admit that I struggle with this most of the time. I would rather not feel the less-than-fabulous emotions, so I try to make them go away. But, there's something you should know.

We're human. We're supposed to feel.

So on Saturday, I let myself feel. And I'll be real with you, it wasn't all that pretty. Being on vacation from reality in Florida has been good for me, but that doesn't mean I'm automatically happy every moment I'm here. And it's still important to deal with my feelings instead of pushing them aside.


If you're struggling, know that you're not alone. And it's okay to be sad, frustrated, upset, whatever you're feeling. Do something that's good for your soul so that you can get through the emotions in a positive, healthy way.

read a book
+ journal
+ pray
+ watch your favorite show
+ talk to a friend
+ listen to music
+ know that you are loved.

xoxo, Kae.

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