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Monday, December 2, 2013

Well folks, the holiday season is upon us. I wonder how many variations of that sentence I'll say between now and Christmas Day. Probably a lot. I love making homemade gifts for people because it's fun and (when they turn out right) I think people genuinely enjoy them. So this year I've been scouring Pinterest, like always, trying to find ideas that on my level of creating. (Let's just say I'm no Martha Stewart.) One project I've heard so much about in the past is the good old Sharpie mug. I had been intending to try it for awhile, but it just never happened.
So I finally thought, why not? I knew it was probably a good idea to try out a test mug for myself before buying a ton. (Because let's face it, everyone would be getting one.) The pin that I got my inspiration from was this one.
DIY Sharpie mug

I decided to go ahead and do it all in black Sharpie so I wouldn't have to worry about the color fading. I figured a regular Sharpie would work just fine, but just to be safe I bought one made to write on glass. It was $6 at Hobby Lobby! And this is a Dollar Tree mug. Since I made this one for myself, I decided to put a Taylor Swift lyric on it. (I know, big surprise.)

After I got the mug decorated the way I wanted it, I put it on a cookie sheet and popped it into the oven on 350 degrees for thirty minutes. 
Foil optional

I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome! Even though most of the pins I had read had been successful, I was still a bit skeptical since I had yet to do it myself. But it came out well, and I even (hand!) washed it to make sure the writing would stay.
I think this is such a fun gift because you can personalize it to fit whoever you're giving it to, and it's super quick. Who doesn't love that?

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