High Five For Friday: Christmas edition

Friday, December 27, 2013

Well, it's Friday once again! Another Christmas has come and gone. I hope you had a wonderful day. Now it's time for New Year's! Tomorrow I leave for Florida to visit my Grandmom and uncle, so things might be a little quiet around these parts. But have no fear.
Now for some Christmas highlights.

1. It's a tradition that I watch The One With The Routine on Christmas Eve.

2. Cinnamon rolls every Christmas morning. And coffee.

3. I got this beautiful record player. My soul is happy.

4. I learned that this awesome little head piece thing is called a turban. Not just a headband. Who knew? 

5. By now, it's just inevitable that I get something T. Swift related each year. And I love it.

xoxo, Kae. 


  1. We have cinnamon rolls every Christmas morning and I get a Taylor Swift CD almost every year, too! Can't go wrong there :) Happy Friday!

    1. Love the cinnamon roll tradition. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I also love T. Swift! :) And we had cinnamon rolls on Christmas too. LOVE THEM.


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