High Five For Friday

Friday, November 29, 2013

Whew. What a week. If any of you got up early for Black Friday, I'm so sorry. I was sleeping.

1. One Direction's new album came out this week. If you didn't know this about me already, I love those boys. I do. Their album is amazing and I've been jamming out to it all week long.

2. Thanksgiving was yesterday, of course, and somehow the day ended without me taking any pictures. None. I should really start getting better about that. Oh and the Cowboys won, so that's a plus.

3. Although I didn't go out at midnight last night, my parents and I did decide to venture the craziness for a bit today. We just went to Hobby Lobby so I could get some things for Christmas gift making. Intriguing, I know.

4. This just makes me smile everytime I read it... it's classic Dad humor.

5. And finally, I leave you with this.

Yes Michael, yes it is.

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