Dear Santa

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I say it's never too early to start your Christmas list. And I mean, there's only 42 days left (squeal) so it's okay that I've already had my list in my head for like two months. Or so I tell myself. These are just a few of my favorite things (get it?) that are on my mind for this year...........

1. A record player.
record player + vinyl collection.. I so want one of these portable record players!
via Pinterest
Thanks to my mom and her wonderful record collection, I was exposed early on in life. Now I'm ready to begin my own collection, and the quintessential thing to go with records would be well.. a player. And look how pretty.

2.  A puppy. Yes. I want my own little furry child to cuddle up with and spoil, and since my sweet Daisy isn't with us anymore, I can't do that at the moment. So, a puppy please!

3.  Gilmore Girls. One of my favorite shows, like ever, and yet I don't own any of the seasons! Such a travesty. 

4. And last but not least.. Target. 

Not a gift card or something specific from the store. I just want the store. The whole store. I know it sounds a little unreasonable, but it's possible. Okay, okay... maybe just in Kaeleen World. So I guess here in real world just a gift card will do. 

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