Sometimes change is good.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello my sweets! Happy Monday. Okay, I'm gonna get a teeny bit serious for a moment. Not necessarily Bridge to Terabithia serious (don't pretend like you never cried at that movie) but more like when-the-music-starts-playing-on-Full-House serious. If you followed last week's H54F, you know I've been plagued with a rather "big girl" decision recently. If you've never had the pleasure of having to make a big decision, I envy you so. It is not fun. And even though I try and let God have control, sometimes my own feelings get in the way and I stress myself out. So this past week has been stressful as I tried to figure out what was the best thing for me to do right now. And I feel at peace with my decision. I bet the suspense of what this huge, life- altering (okay, I'm a bit dramatic) decision is is killing you by now, huh? Drumroll.....................

When the semester is over, I'll be coming back home to Saginaw. (Texas. Not Michigan. Thank goodness.) I love college, I do. And I couldn't have asked to go to a better school. I have made some amazing friends that I will hopefully keep for many years. So why would I want to come home? I feel like at least for now, I need to focus on me. I have struggled with depression for awhile, (I don't want this to turn into a woe is me post, so I'll spare you the details) among other issues that have yet to get better. Before you ask...
Yes. I've tried therapy, and am currently in it. Those of you who have ever been to a therapist know what that's like. Bleh. As much as I'd like to point my fingers and make it all go away, I am not Sabrina the Teenage Witch. (Finding this out as a child was traumatizing) Getting your mental health in check takes time and effort, and I think anyone who has ever struggled knows that sometimes wanting to make the effort is extremely difficult. But I think that this is in my best interest right now. Does that mean I'll never go back to school? Not necessarily. As the photo up there says, God's timing is perfect. And right now, I feel like it's just not the right time for me to continue school. Instead, I need to focus on "me" and maybe things with my church, because that always makes me happy. Once I get back home, I plan on working at a child care center in the area (there's a lot) because I love kids and I want to make an impact on their lives. Leaving my school will be hard, but I have faith that I am making the right choice. After all, sometimes change is good, right?

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  1. Grown-up decisions are always hard and I wish I could tell you they get easier. You have a wonderful advantage though. You have faith in God and His ability to get you through the tough times. I'm really proud of you for keeping a level head. Try not to worry. God is watching over you!


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