Pretty Little Liars: Halloween edition.

Friday, October 25, 2013

So....................................... I forgot to mention PLL on my H54F. Oops? HOW could I forget, you ask? I have no idea. Please forgive me. At least it gives me an excuse to write an intense paragraph about it.
I didn't get to actually watch until Wednesday because for some unknown reason the cable in our apartment doesn't have abc family. I know. Such a travesty. Anyway, long story short, I saw twitter spoilers. I saw tumblr spoilers. But to me they weren't really spoilers... everyone was freaking out that Ali was alive. But I feel like people forgot about the mid-season finale... they "revealed" she was still alive then, which I called ages ago. Maybe it was intuition. So I wasn't super shocked or anything when Ali turned around and they had the "big reveal." The way they did it was cool though, because it was in the same spot from the night she disappeared.

I'm still feeling betrayed by this lil sneak. Like really?? I thought for sure Spencer was gonna be able to snatch his mask off and feel the betrayal for herself, but noope. Of course. And it seems Ezra is the one Ali is terrified of, but that just seems too obvious, right? So now I'm left wondering: Is there someone (or something) ELSE in Rosewood? Or does it all fall back on Ezra? Oh and where the heck has Alison been hiding all this time?? Sigh. I don't know how I'm going to make it three months until we find out.....

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